lei (blissful_days) wrote in jerseymommy,

this morning donovan wanted to wear his raincoat to school and darrell almost went into cardiac arrest.  he threatend to leave him home if he didnt take off the jacket.  i told him, just let donovan be and he said no and closed the door.  i got up with sofia in one arm and donovan in the other and headed to the drive way.  this fool turned the car on and started reversing!!!  by this time donovan was crying cause he wanted to go to school.  i am fucking fuming.  why cant he just let him wear the stupid raincoat?!?!  he said he was going to look like a r- - - - d.  my response was ,so fucking what?!?!  the ride to school is about 5 minutes and if donovan wants to have the raincoat on-who gives a shit?!  let him be happy instead of causing all this comotion that is completely unnecessary.  he put donovan in the car and then started mubbling about who's the kid and who's the parent and that i have a lot to learn about parenting. 

donovan is very independant.  he likes to pick out his clothes and unless its something hideous, i let it slide or suggest something else that will interest him, like a spider man t-shirt or something.  this whole thing with the jacket didnt phase me, i rather let him wear it then get myself worked up trying to convince him to wear his sping jacket-its just not wourth it at 8:15 am, not to me at least. 

i know the entire reason behind this was because i forgot to write out a check last night for a bill and he was pissed to see the bill wasnt even opened yet this morning. 

what do you think..???  comments anyone?
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