lei (blissful_days) wrote in jerseymommy,

am i the only one?

i was reading an entry on my FL and she was going on and on about how she loves her village, as in other mothers sort of like a support system.  i dont have none of that.  well, i have the support of my family, including my wonderful sister (who is a mother of 2), but not of friends who are mothers.  i  cant just get up and meet a girlfriend for coffee or shopping at the mall.  i moved to south jersey about 2 yrs ago and yet have an old friend from north jersey come to my home and visit.  i did meet ola, my husbands friends wife and ive known her now for about 2 yrs and shes great.  but in all honesty i resent the fact that my old friends are pretty much non existant.  im trying to just accept the fact that we are on two different levels.  its almost like i have the plague.  im not invited anywhere anymore.  everyone just assumes because i have kids i cant do anything.  am i the only one who is going through this??????  am i the only one??? 
thanks for letting me vent.
: )
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